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Ok so here is the deal!! I am waiting for the call from the local PO saying my chicks are in. I have the bator and the autoturner plugged in and ready. Bator is holding steday at 99 degrees. The humidity is at 55 but with the vent holes opened. My question is is it ok to leave the vents holes unplugged to keep humidity in the right range during incubation??
I'm confused- are you waiting for eggs or chicks? Does the post office call you for eggs?

Well- anyway- you can leave the vent plugs open to stabilize the humidity. You should try to get it a bit drier in there than 55%.
The hatch that I'm working on now has no water- and it's staying at a nice 35-40%. (for the first 18 of course)
Thank you!! I am gonna try to get the humidity down before I recieve the eggs!! Humidity here in VA is always pretty high. I am waiting for the Post office to call me to let me know my shipped eggs are in! We are a pretty small town, so yes they will call you to pick them up! I have read so many posts about the humidity, I am now scared to death! I thought the humidity was to be at about 50% day 1-18 and 65-70% the last 3 days? Sorry for all the questions but this is my first time incubating!
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Ahhh- you should be fine. I did a staggared hatch on my first try- so the humidity was way up during the middle of the second set's 18 days. Still ended up with 100% (well- only 10 eggs not shipped)

It gets pretty humid here in TN too- after a week of rain my humidity was at 60% for a few days- and they were all fine.

You have to figure- if a hen is doing the hatching, usually in spring, there has to be humidity fluctuations there too. Good luck! Hope to see some picts in a few weeks!

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