Bator for hatch day......


8 Years
Jul 5, 2011
So, I have read a few things about having a "hatching" bator......Iain, will you send me a pic of yours?

What I am confused about....well, maybe worried is a better word.......I have nine Buff American eggs in my bator at the moment (on day 23, thank you very much!) and I am stressing over hatching time. I have just the one LG still air bator and am at a loss of what to do when the time comes.

Suggestions? I have searched this forum, and have found that a lot of people don't move to hatchers, but I worry about the geese that are hatched touching the heat element (I know, I know, but I worry!), and about them knocking the eggs all over the place. I know it helps the other geese that haven't hatched yet to have the babies all together, helps them work harder, etc, but.......I worry.

Maybe what I want more than suggestions is reassurance......the fear of the unknown, know what I mean?

Anyway........thank you!

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