Battery Backup for incubator


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Mar 10, 2019
So I'm interested in getting a battery backup for electric outages. One of my incubators is an RCOM 20 and I think it said 48 watts. Our electric went off the other day for 3 hours. It's very common to have the electric go off and we pay up to $1200 a month for this junk. If someone could guide me to a good battery back up I'd be appreciative.


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Apr 6, 2014
Melrose Park Illinois
You have actually 2 options.... Differently priced also.
First option, would be to get a generator, and this way, during a power outage, you still also have electricity for the rest of your home. Limited to of course the power output of unit. I have a generator, and have used it on occasion. At that time, I only use minimal electricity. Refrigerator, and minimal lights to get by. I don't use microwave, washing machine, toaster, or other high drain appliances.
Second option, is an Automotive 12 volt battery, and a power inverter.
Have that also. I have a small capacity inverter like this one rated for 400 watts. That would be plenty enough to power your incubator.

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