Battery Backup for incubator


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Mar 10, 2019
So I'm interested in getting a battery backup for electric outages. One of my incubators is an RCOM 20 and I think it said 48 watts. Our electric went off the other day for 3 hours. It's very common to have the electric go off and we pay up to $1200 a month for this junk. If someone could guide me to a good battery back up I'd be appreciative.
You have actually 2 options.... Differently priced also.
First option, would be to get a generator, and this way, during a power outage, you still also have electricity for the rest of your home. Limited to of course the power output of unit. I have a generator, and have used it on occasion. At that time, I only use minimal electricity. Refrigerator, and minimal lights to get by. I don't use microwave, washing machine, toaster, or other high drain appliances.
Second option, is an Automotive 12 volt battery, and a power inverter.
Have that also. I have a small capacity inverter like this one rated for 400 watts. That would be plenty enough to power your incubator.

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cavemanrich I have a generator, but what happens if the power goes out and I am away for the day. Is there something I can buy that I leave my incubator plugged into, so if the power goes out I have automatic battery power source?​

Buy something like this?​

The automatic power on backups can get quite pricey. Generac make a unit that will power your whole house,,, for extended time. Of course the price for that will scare you out of your hatching$$$$$$$$$ :old :gig

The link you posted is fine,, but only for very small power consumption units,, like Computer routers to power your WIFI.

The above chart shows the maximum time you get running a 50 watt power consuming device. (a small incubator like OP stated 48watts.) 37 minutes and it is over. That is also with unit BRAND NEW, and battery still healthy. Understand that the battery inside this device is tiny compared to a automotive battery. SIZE DEFINITELY MATTERS HERE. :frow

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