*Battle Of The Clans* A WARRIORS cat role play!

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    FoxKit called out for his sister RaccoonKit as he trekked through the forest.

    RaccoonKit was getting worried now, she couldn't find FoxKit! She wandered through the forest aimlessly attempting to find him.
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    Nightpaw followed the Clan leader out of camp. " So, What's it like being Clan leader? " She asked. Nightpaw knew it was a dumb question but Pumastar was being so quiet.
  3. "Drizzlepaw!? I need the willow root for the elder. Can you go and give it to her? " meowed Rootpool, limping into the dark den.
  4. Sorry I have not been on for so long. [​IMG]
  5. BrownFamFlock is it ok if I make a pic of Foxkit, Raccoonkit, and Wolfkit?
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    ( Tree clan right?)

    Runningquail darted through the woods, jumping logs and bushes with ease. He was on the trail of a squirrel, chasing it. The squirrel burst through some bushes right in front of Raccoonkit. He pounced on the squirrel, and then noticed her. "Kits!" He said, surprised.
    She glanced at Nightpaw. "It can be hard work but it always pays off to see a powerful clan that you rule over.. But you will know exactly how it feels if you become a worthy enough warrior to be my deputy. Only of course if something happens to our current one, Starclan forbid." Pumastar answered quietly.
    "Okay.. I will be right there." Drizzlepaw responded dryly as she picked up a bundle of roots. She padded from the den and started through a tunnel to the elders den.
  7. Riptide stalked carefully toward some bushes near the trail that she was patrolling. Quicker than a wink she pounced on a... kit?

    Oakpaw was gliding carefully towards a mouse, he must kill it and bring it to the clan before sundown, in order to show that he was worthy to become a warrior for the clan. Suddenly he hears a noise behind him, he wheels around only to find himself face to face with...
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    Name: Ravenpaw
    Age:6 moons
    Gender: Female
    Personally: Quite, loyal, shy, a little skittish, and likes to stay in the background
    Clan, loner, rogue, or kittypet?: Treeclan
    History: Was abandoned in Treeclan territory by her mother at a young age, this gives her a fear of being abandoned or forgotten by Treeclan so she trains extremely hard
    Status: New apprentice
    Description: Black she-cat with a white paws, chest, tail tip, and stomach. Has a white diamond shape on her forehead and has light violet eyes
    Username: Frostbite88
    Other: Starclan

    Name: Cliffclaw
    Age: 30 moons
    Gender: Male
    Personally: Extremely loyal, tough, kind and a little loud
    Clan, loner, rogue, or kittypet?: Mountainclan
    History: Clan born
    Status: Deputy (is that ok?)
    Description: Huge muscular thick furred dark russet almost brown tom with a short stubby tail, dark golden eyes
    Username: Frostbite88
    Other: Starclan

    Name: Coldpaw
    Age: 10 moons
    Gender: Male
    Personally: Nice, happy, always smiling, and likes to bend the rules a little
    Clan, loner, rogue, or kittypet?: Hollowclan
    History: His father was a cruel evil rogue that was killed by another clan because he killed two of their apprentices, his mother was a Hollowclan cat and died from sickness a moon before Coldpaw became an apprentice. Coldpaw is still deepy saddened by his mothers death. His father walks in his dreams trying to corrupt him but hasn't been able to.
    Status: Apprentice
    Description: Small but strong pale ginger tom with wispy bright ginger stripes on his back, head, tail, and front of his legs. He has white paws and tail tip and sparkling icey green eyes.
    Username: Frostbite88
    Other: Starclan

    Name: Oceansplash
    Age: 37 moons
    Gender: Female
    Personally: Calm and collected, sweet, caring, and gentle
    Clan, loner, rogue, or kittypet?: Reefclan
    History: Was born a dry paw but got over it and found a love for water. She is clan born
    Status: Medicine cat (Is that ok?)
    Description: Sliver she-cat with darker grey blue ears, paws, tail tip, chest spot, back, and the darker grey blue out lines her deep sea blue eyes.
    Username: Frostbite88
    Other: Starclan
  10. Thank you!
    This is Foxkit. ( If you like him)


    This is Raccoonkit ( BTW I could not see if you put a gender on Racoonkit gender)

    This is Wolfkit.

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