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Biddy up!
11 Years
Sep 5, 2008
I'm selling out my BBS ameraucanas, recent knee replacement is limiting me and time with my flock. These are the easiest to let go as I do not have a male for them at present. I have shown many of these birds and done very well, beating the competition. They are Paul Smith lines from other breeders. Two splash, several blues and several blacks, again, all girls. The splashes are particularly tame. Would like to see them go together, they are top quality birds.

I have at least ten, they are spoiled and all are laying very nice eggs.

****Minimum is $25 per bird.**** This is a deal for breeder/show quality stock.



Sorry you have to let them go I let my BBS Ameraucana flock go ealier this year. You have some beautiful birds!
Man ...I almost want to make that 3 hour trip! Last time I was there was visiting Bikerbaberules! Sorry you have to let them go:-(
My sister refuses to bring them to me when she comes in April.I have great pro horse haulers though I wonder...A couple of big pet taxi's in the dressing room area and the horses would have music the whole way

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