BBS and lavender orpington eggs

little blue

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Jul 11, 2010
Mansfield, CT
We have BBS and Lavender orpington eggs for sale. We can ship or local pickup (we live in CT). For the BBS we have 1 rooster over 6 hens (3blue 3 black). I have won reserve English for juniors at the CT show recently, and champion English at the same show. For the Lavenders we are breeding lavender split to lavender split so they will get bigger. We also have 1 rooster over 6 hens. (all of the chickens in this pen are lavender split to black). when you hatch out the eggs it wont be 100% lavenders, you will get 25% black split to lav, 25% lavender, and 50% black.
We have been hatching them for about 2 months an fertility has been good. As i am sure you know we can not guarantee hatching eggs as we all dont know what happens when they leave our hands. Shipping will be 15$. We also only ship on mon or tues an accept paypal you can pm me with any questions.
It is 30$ per dozen. we also will ship or do local pick up for chicks.


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Apr 27, 2012
We're did you get your orpingtons from? They are really nice. Do you still sell eggs? What are name of the breeders from your orpington lines? Thanks and look forward to hearing from you. Tim

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