BBS genetics work on all blue/black birds?


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I know this is ignorant, but I can't seem to find the answer - does the BBS breeding percentages work no matter what breed? Like BBS Orpingtons crossed with a blue or black americauna? If you had a Blue Orp roo and a blue Americauna hen do you get the same breakdown? Thanks for your patience.
Yes, but the percentages are based on large numbers. You could breed blue x blue and get all blue or all black or black and splash and no blue if you are hatching small numbers of eggs. Breeds don't matter.
Funny, I asked the same thing today. I guess we're in "class" together. I'm sitting at my desk with my pencil in hand next to you eagerly awaiting more chicken knowledge.
new2chooks- you don't know how often I have read a thread and you have asked exactly the question I was about to ask-
reviving this thread, as i have a similar question -- do ALL black, blue, or splash chickens work genetically in this way? i.e. if i bred my black australorp with a blue isbar, would the resulting crossed chicks be a mixture of black, blue, and splash, or would the all-black australorp somehow "override" the other colors?

or maybe a better way of asking the question is, are there any black (or blue, or splash) chickens that are always that color? or will they always vary in a BBS pattern if blue is involved?

(i seem to be WAY behind the rest of you in Chicken Genetics 101 class!)
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