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    Nov 14, 2007
    I am offering 12 eggs more if layed for shipping on Monday. These are out of 2 3/4 english blue girs and blue cockerel and 2 1/2 english black girls. I have one black girl that is now 7 months and one blue the same age. They very large typey girls. The other two pullets and cockerel are 6 months old and all are still growing and filling out. These are the ones I have saved for breeding in the fall. I am not hatching now and I do not know what their offspring will look like but just thought Iwould offer these at a good price if anyone wants to try them out. I have cracked numerous eggs and they are fertile.

    Paypal [email protected]

    these pictures were taken a month ago. They have grown since.
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    I want to cry... how do I always miss your sales???

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