BCM's in lockdown! batch#2!!! BUT might explode!!!!!!


8 Years
Dec 10, 2011
Well the first hatch went GREAT! out of 28 eggs that went into lockdown I had 23 hatch!
They are adorable little Bantam whatnots! Our LF babies that are a LH/EE cross ALL hatched, which gives us here on the farm a 100% hatch rate on our own eggs!
Question: Why did our LF hatch on the same day as the bantams? they were all set the same time however they SHOULD have hatched on day 21? YES? the rest were shipped from ebay seller and did very well... lost 6 of those 19. I did eggtopsies on all of those remaining eggs and found various causes, pipped wrong end of a double pointy egg...drowned. all the rest were quitters obviously except one perfect,not shrink wrapped,never pipped the air cell which was still good and intact...
several had not absorbed thier yoke sacs...this one had almost completly absorbed his...bothers me...during part of this incubation we deduced that the humidity was to low in actual (what should have been lockdown) WE DIDN"T KNOW BANTAMS HATCH EARLY!!!! in all this stuff I read EVERYDAY I never found that out!! SO we messed up thier humidity,and we figure we shoulda put them into lockdown earlier too! of course they hatched day 19 instead of 21 So had to help some and open the hatch to fish em out..causing me to worry over humity and temp loss during lockdown...but I WOULD have had more loss since several of our LF WERE shrink wrapped! or sticky whatever. 5 of those would have been lost.

SOOO For THIS lockdown we have BCM in and waiting begins. I have 12 in there and I think only 4 maybe maybe 6 are good. I CANNOT reliably seem to candle these darn BCM EGGS! I have an intense 115 lumen superbright light to candle with and I can see air cells and big blobs, but can't see one single baby in them! Also cannot see anything in some! SO FRUSTRATING!
SO even the ones I think are clear which is five of them...IN they went!
what can I do? MY goal is follow all ya'lls advice this time aND DO NOT OPEN THE BATOR!!!!

I wish I wish I could see into BCM eggs as I am sure that at day 10 and 18 I should be able to see SOMETHING! Negative ghost rider! now I might get EXPLODERS! These are not the best eggs in the world either so am concerned over them but they were free~wish me luck! And any advice one this is appreciated! two more bators of eggs going! Another set of BCMS in one and in another a mixed set of purebreds. And don't ya know Deborah just won an Auction for Silkies on Ebay!!! HAHAHa I told her she better not mess up my Valentines day hatch along! lol she said get what you want!!!
holy cow!! I wanna shop!! But think I'm sticking with Hot2Pot for mine....I love the variety and her packing is awesome!! ......*mutters* now didnt she say something about Wyandottes?....
I have only been able to get a good look into BCM eggs by waiting until night time and then candling them in my closet with the doors closed. I will also hold them against something dark, so that there is less light leakage around them. At any rate, good luck!

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