Beady little eyes!

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    She went out into the coop around 1:30 pm to feed, water and scoop some poop off the top of the nesting boxes, freshen up the straw bedding and gather a few eggs. As she went towards the half bale of straw she noticed something moving and starring back at her hiding in the corner all nestled up and comfy. Oh my gosh! A soft growl and gnarly teeth presented themself as she investigated farther. A few chickens followed her and investigated also. Someone is sleeping in my bed they must have thought! Kind of like the 3 bears story, but it surely wasn't Goldy locks!
    I got a phone call about 1:45pm with a "call me right away" message attached to it. Hmmm, what could be the matter I said, she sounds upset. I called immediately and got a screaming and yelling person on the other end of the line! Whats wrong? [email protected]#@$%*&^%#[email protected]! Really! Whats it look like I said.--- I dunno, Its got beady eyes, and is a whitish gray with a long tail and is all curled up and ready to bite me! Ha ha , as I am laughing to myself. Sounds like an Opposum I say to her. How big? Big enough, but not too big she tells me. Duh, okay. Hmmm,--- take a shovel and try to coax him out of there I tell her. I will call you back in a bit, okay? CLICK. She hung up on me. Waiting seems to take forever from an angry upset woman sometimes. I finally get a call back a little later on and her son is there now. Here!!! -- talk to my son! Hello? hows it going? Well,--- I beat on the outside of the coop with a hammer and tried the shovel, but he wont leave, he is not going anywhere! Hmmm, I say. Do you still have the .22 caliber rifle? Yep! Bye, Bye mr. Opossom! No more egg stealing from you.
    Unfortunately we have lost a few birds over time to natures critters. We have had everything from bobcats, coyotes, weasels, snakes, raccoons,hawks and now an oppossum lurking to get a taste of our chickens. Its an ongoing challenge trying to prevent them from harms way. Occaisionally we win the battle but we have still lost some birdseven with our best efforts to prevent it. Score is 1 for us and 4 for them.
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    Funny how possums don't want to move, can't blame that one, he thought he had found the perfect winter home I bet, nice straw bed and fresh eggs served every morning.
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    It was all nice and comfortable out of the cold and food to boot
    who in their right mind would leave, well until the owner shows
    up and spoils everything .......

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