Beak messed up?

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    One of our little girls has a messed up beak, and what I mean by this is the bottom is not aligned with the top. Looking at her from above, it looks like scissors opened just a little bit, or the bottom beak is a little left of the top part.
    She is now 4 or 5 weeks old and growing at the same rate as the other 3 we bought at the same time. She runs around the yard eating everything she see’s and has no problem keeping up. I guess we are just worried it may cause problems with her eating. It seems the bigger she gets, the worse it gets. Should we be worried? I have no idea how it happened, but we noticed it about week 2.
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    That is often called cross beak, and it's actually a skull deformity, and not a beak deformity. (Interesting huh?) Sooo as they grow it does get worse, just as you described. It's not really something that can be fixed. Sometimes, a little beak trimming can help, and I know if you have a deep food dish for the chick to eat from that helps, because sometimes they end up scooping food instead of pecking it.

    Sometimes they can live a pretty long time, and sometimes it gets too severe for them to eat. I would say if you babied the chick, and were extra careful to make sure it was eating and drinking, it could probably do just fine.

    Sometimes they do just fade away because they just can't get enough to eat........

    But it's not an injury, it's a genetic thing......

    Good luck to you and your little one!

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    I hope she makes it a long time!

    Thank you for the information, it is greatly appreciated. [​IMG]

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