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    Jun 24, 2010
    Anyone have any experience in trimming beaks to keep pecking and cannabelism down? Is this something to do and how do you do it?
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    Quote:If you do a search for beak trimming you get a lot of threads, but not too much detailed info. Seems that trimming is usually just the tip of the beak, done with fingernail clippers. Not sure if this would stop pecking.
    Now debeaking is a bit polarizing. That's when hatcheries remove most of the beak.

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    Apr 15, 2009
    Pecking and cannibalism are problems that are usually related to overcrowding. An increase in the amount of real estate available to chickens will generally resolve these issues without resorting to debeaking.
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    Please do NOT do it unless you know exactly how to do it..
    A birds beak is VERY sensitive.. and it WILL hurt them a lot if you do it wrong.
    When i "trimmed" my parrots beak..we just used a metal fingernail file..and took only a tiny bit off the end..
    Also... their beaks have blood in them too.. so if you cut too far down they can bleed heavily...
    When my parrot fell off of his cage and cracked his beak it bled VERY badly.. i didnt even have time to get him to a vet he was bleeding so bad.. they had to talk me through stopping the bleeding over the phone.
    just be careful...
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