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    I hope what I said earlier in the thread didn't make it sound like it's not a threat. Black bears are smaller so some ppl think they aren't as dangerous. Not true. Just and agile if not more so and one it can't get to the feed the easiest thing to eat might be you.

    Have good protection and like what was mentioned earlier I would seek help from the wildlife officials.

    It doesn't seem they are dangerous until it's too late.

    We have Cougars who travel through our area and it would be silly of me to think they wouldn't hurt me. Bear look very cute and cuddly but they can move quickly and they work on instinct. It's them or you if they aren't able to get enough food. Why do you think this yearly is going after the feed? It's young and learning. It makes for a dangerous situation. It only takes once to go from scavenger to man eater. Be safe.
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    Feb 11, 2015
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    Thanks so much for the feedback!!

    Everyone here is right! Black bears are unpredictable and sometimes very dangerous!!
    Its interesting because there have been a number of black bear attacks up here in Canada this spring.

    The bear struck again last night. He's very aggressive to get in the coop to get at the feed. Even when I've taken it away. The bear just knows now where to get food.
    Waited up for it for a couple nights and he didn't show. Of course the night I give up, he comes back.

    I think the only way to solve this issue is to shoot it. Animal control and the local police won't do anything.

    Thanks all for your comments!, it's super appreciated
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    Plug him right between the eyes.
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    Good luck and be safe. I hope it's done with soon.
    Do you have to prove the damage before you can shoot it?
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    Ontartio Canada.
    I don't know much about a black bear habits, but they sure do taste good.
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    I am also in Ontario.
    First Bear attack 11 pm. heard the noise ran out to the coop. Small window ripped off, door damaged and large (4'x2') window smashed and frame and all on the ground. Thier was backup hardware cloth on all of the windows.
    The bear reached in the small window and took one chicken.

    Second Bear attack 5:30 am the next night. I had nailed metal over large window and wood over small window. The metal was ripped off the large window. The wood was ripped off the small window all of the outside corner moldings were ripped off where the bear was trying to get in. It reached in the small window and ate a bunch of feed from the 5gal bicket feeder (emptied it). and it took two more chickens. I woke up grabbed the 30-06 and introduced them to each other.

    I havent seen the bear again.
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    My experiences with black bears in our area is that they run for the hills when they see a human. I have had a total of 3 within 10 ft of me - 2 while bow hunting and one while walking. And a whole bunch more within 50 ft. We are not a wilderness area, so perhaps they have a good healthy fear of humans. I would be a lot more fearful of bears near dumps or parks - these bears seem to have lost their fear of humans. No, I would not want to tangle with one - they could kill me. But so could my neighbor's large dog that barks at me when I walk by. I take the offensive when I see one, yelling at it and waving my arms. The months of August, Sept, and October are the worst for black bears. Glad my meat chickens are now in the freezer - don't want some bear ripping up my chicken tractor.
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    Yes, bears do eat chickens. We live in California, rural area too and a bear tore down the chicken door went in and ate 4 chickens, 2 survived but are traumatized. I don't know why you lucked out, but beware he may come back.
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    canadianmedic - Where you ever able to solve your black bear problem??
  10. For years MO dept of conservation was telling us that there were no cougars in our county. Then the local Amish, who at the time did an annual predator hunt before spring lambing season, came across one that challenged them 2 miles from our farm. They shot it. It was a young male. The Dept of Conservation still claimed there were no breeding cougars in northeastern MO, just random bachelor males looking for new territory. Everyone disagreed because of the number of cougars that were being caught on game cameras and the fact that Amish farmers were reporting that they were seeing females leading cubs on their farms. They officially are no longer claiming that there are no breeding cougars in our area.

    Now they are saying that there are black bears in southern MO and their numbers are increasing meaning that they will be pushing their way north eventually.

    I imagine the DOC will be making the same claim about them that they did cougars.

    I have to admit, bears scare me more than cougars do and cougars scare me to death. I remember seeing a photograph many years ago that a woman took of her little girl playing on a swing set in their back yard. When she had the photo developed, it clearly showed a cougar at the edge of the yard, watching the child from behind a tree. It evidently had been stalking the little girl for some time, just waiting......

    Please be careful, especially for your child's sake.

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