Bear siting!


12 Years
Apr 14, 2007
Just when I thought my chicken coop was completely predator proof! Now there has been three black bear sitings w/ in a mile of my house (closer 'as a crow flys"). Two have pictures and track castings have been taken! The authorites think it's about 300lbs!! Now, I will have to put iron rails on the windows and will have to add electric fencing .... :eek: Dixie
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Too funny I really thought you were bear sitting. I use to bear sit for my brother who raised them. They are cute and can get into more trouble than a 2 year old LOL.

But I sure wouldn't want them in my coop the electric wire should work. Find Panner he knows everything about bear proofing a coop. Go to the preditor thread and find the one about bear or pm him I think he is panner123 or something like that.
Yep, pretty common here, with the smart ones staying back in the woods!

They learn real fast that I luv bear roast!


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