Bears keep other predators away?


Jul 15, 2018
It seems I have Bears running around my property found scat and tree scratching. I was wondering if the bears were keeping other predators - like fox, coyote, raccoons away? The only other wildlife I have seen are black crows, and some rabbits. Would like to hear others thoughts on this. Thanks
BEARS ARE CHICKEN PREDATORS! I don't know if they keep away other wildlife but I DO know they will break into coops and get chickens, so be careful!
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I don’t know if they keep other predators away? What kind of bears. Black bears don’t indulge in large amounts of meat unless starving but will eat small amounts like rabbits and rodents and CHICKENS as regular dining. Don’t know about other types of bears. I would be concerned more with the bear breaking in. Be careful
Maybe they've eaten everything else?
You say you see rabbits around which makes sense since bears like to keep rabbits around....


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