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My Beautiful Birds!

  1. sassysarah123
    Name. Amy
    Breed. Light Brahma
    Personality. Lap bird.
    Amy on the right.

    DSC07152.JPG Name. Cindy
    Breed. Light Brahma
    personality. Sweet, Great lap bird, tame


    Name. Queenie
    Breed. Easter Egger
    Personality. Loud, sweet and a little nuisance
    Some of the girls together!

    Name. Abby
    Breed. Production Red
    Personality. The sweetest girl ever!

    DSC04655 (1).JPG
    Another one!
    Name. Blackie
    Breed. Barred Rock
    Personality. Sweet Girl!

    DSC05812.JPG Name. Banana
    Breed. Buff Orpington
    Personality. Friendly
    Name. Mary
    Breed. Production Red
    Personality. Sweet girl! DSC04670.JPG

    469576.jpg IMG_20170601_114011.jpg IMG_20170531_160058.jpg
    Some more pics!
    DSC08456.JPG DSC08626.JPG
    DSC09063.JPG DSC09062.JPG DSC09078.JPG

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  1. cavemanrich
    Your girls ALL look like they just returned from a GROOMING SPA. :thumbsup
      sassysarah123 likes this.
    1. Hybridchucks
      haha! yes so adorable!
      sassysarah123 likes this.
    2. sassysarah123
      Awe! Thank you!
  2. FeatherMtnFarms
    Your birds are gorgeous!:D
      sassysarah123 likes this.
    1. sassysarah123
      Thanks so much:D
  3. PatrickRoo
    @sassysarah123 you have a beautiful flock! Sorry to hear some of those lovely girls passed on. :(
      sassysarah123 likes this.
    1. sassysarah123
      Thank you! I greatly miss them. Thanks!
  4. Hybridchucks
    THIS IS SO EASY TO READ AND I LOVE THEM! GREAT ARTICLE!!!!!!!!:eek::celebrate:woot:goodpost::wee
      sassysarah123 likes this.
    1. sassysarah123
      Hybridchucks likes this.
  5. Whittni
    Good job.
      sassysarah123 likes this.
    1. sassysarah123
  6. sassysarah123
    Thanks K!:hugs
      The Angry Hen likes this.
  7. The Angry Hen
    Beautiful flock, Sarah!
      sassysarah123 likes this.
  8. sassysarah123
    I will be adding more!
    1. Isabella F
      How many chickens do you have?
      sassysarah123 likes this.
    2. sassysarah123
      I have 10. A few of the girls in the pics have already passed on!
      Hybridchucks likes this.

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