Beautiful Young d'Anvers Roosters in Northern California


8 Years
Feb 18, 2013
Davis, CA
I have two Lavender Cuckoo Belgian Bearded d'Anvers roosters and one Quail Belgian Bearded d'Anvers rooster that I got as hatching eggs from Boggy Bottom Bantams in Georgia, and raised from chicks. They are small, beautiful birds that have so much potential for breeding and show, and I haven't seen many d'Anvers available locally, despite their lovely nature. These little guys hatched on May 3rd, and are just starting to crow.
I live in Davis, but I'm willing to drive a long way to find them perfect forever homes!
I've added a few photos of the boys right now, but they are less than 3 months old, and will definitely look much more dramatic when they are a little older.


Andy, darker Lavender Cuckoo, and Tristan, lighter Lavender Cuckoo

Evan, Quail, and the three boys hanging out in the backyard.
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I've rehomed one of my Lavender Cuckoo roosters, but I'm still looking for homes for my quail rooster and the darker Lavender Cuckoo boy. They are so good-natured, never human-aggressive, and would make a wonderful addition to any flock! Here are some updated pictures of these beautiful boys.

I'm interested! Do you ship to California

I live in the Sacramento area, so I am in California, but I really prefer not to ship any animals. The boys are currently staying with a wonderful chicken-lover nearby who has quite a few D'Anvers boys and girls, but if you are ever up north and still interested, I could talk to her about parting with one of them! I'm also driving down south to LA at the end of October if you're still looking for a rooster then!
Sorry, I had to rehome my roosters quite quickly, as they weren't legally allowed in my hometown. If I ever hear from the woman that has them that she can no longer keep them, I'll get in touch!

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