May 25, 2021
Like many others on this forum, I love my flock and especially as a first time chicken owner I love showing them off, so why not introduce them?

We got my flock from a family friend who now has over 200 chickens and turkeys, many goats, a couple dogs and soon to be some horses! She was kind enough to lend us some of her “spare” birds for the summer and the plan was to bring them back in the fall as we didn’t really want to take care of the chickens in the winter. The whole flock came down with a respiratory infection (we think MG) so obviously they won’t be going back. We have yet to figure out a plan for the tough Canadian winters we endure but it’s important to live in the present!

Going in no particular order… although the ones at the top are my more favourable birds. Keep in mind some of the pics are a couple months old, so just imagine Lexi and Dori with bigger combs and waddles haha.



My head matriarch, she’s just over a year old. She’s very timid and will allow you to pick her up. She’s the current mama to one chick, Phoebe who she’s very persistent with showing how to scratch for food which results to piles of leaves and dirt around the coop. Named after her mother Barabra, BB is carrying on the now third generation name to her chick Baby Baby Barabra.


By far the most curious of my hens, she’ll follow you around the yard looking for scraps. She’ll allow you to pick her up especially if there is some bread bits involved! She’s an easter egger (Ameracauna mix to be more exact) currently around 22 weeks with a huge red comb but no eggs yet, unless the raccoons been stealing them. She’s definitely in my top 3 favourite birds!



The newest member of our flock! Hatched from Rex and BB, BB3 or Phoebe is definitely one of my favourites. She (I don’t actually know its sex, I’m hoping for a girl though!) hangs with mom and goes for occasional scratching adventures in the woods behind the coop. She’s also developed this interesting mottled/striped grey and white colourings on her wings, which has only become more and more prominent as the chick fuzz fades away. I’m so excited to see her final colours!


Dori is a 22 week Lavender orpington who’s definitely the biggest of the flock now! Shes bonded with Lexi and the two of them often stick around with Rex. She’s less persistent with being a shadow unlike Lexi but she will definitely come running for food.

16 week old Rhode Island Red brother and sister duo came to us 2 weeks apart, Nugget first then Plum.

Plum(sauce) is much like Lexi and will come running if he sees you but he’s more of a Look-Don’t-Touch kinda guy. He hangs around with his sister and they stay away from the action. Thankfully he’s not mature enough yet to get into cock fights with our rooster, and hopefully (but unlikely) we won’t get to that stage.
Nugget on the other hand is definitely the most timid bird here. She does not tolerate being approached and will go the other way if you come near. We’re slowly working on her confidence (with food obviously) and will hopefully be able to hold her one day!

REX - AKA THE LITTLE SHIT pardon my language

He may be pretty but Rex is definitely like a poison dart frog in the way you should just admire from afar. Rex is a partridge silkie rooster who’s also just over a year and the father of Phoebe. He’s very vigilant and protective of his flock which is great against potential predators— not so great when I’m trying to put their feed out. He’s kind of a lost cause, and if he and Plum do start fighting Rex will be the one to go.

So this is my weird and wonderful flock, I hope you enjoyed learning about my birds!


Here is my dog Cricket on her first day meeting the birds. She has done wonderfully around on and off leash with them now despite her very high prey drive!


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If your flock does have (MG). You are between a stone, and a hard spot. You probably already studied how to deal with it to eliminate it in your flock.
First make sure that it is MG. then you have some difficult decisions ahead.
My advice, to you is that you refrain from visiting your friend if possible,, who gave you this flock.
Reason;; If their flock is clean,,,, then you don't want to possibly spread your flock's infection to theirs. You do not know for certain source of disease/infection in you flock yet.
That does not mean you do not visit in a friendly family gathering.
If you do so,,,,,,,, make sure that you showered, and have clean clothes on that have not been in contact with your flock.
In another way of explaining,,,, don't go to give your flock feed, and water, and then go visit with the other flock in same clothes and shoes.

WISHING YOU BEST,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and:welcome

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What a lovely flock! Here's hoping Phoebe really is a girl, and that Rex and Plum can peacefully work out their differences. Behavior aside, Rex is a handsome boy!

Two of this year's Cochin Bantams revealed themselves to be roosters. Pauly is clearly the dominant one and crows throughout the day. Sweet Billie clearly knows his place and doesn't say a word. They sometimes puff out their feathers and circle each other, but that's as far as the conflict goes.

Not far away -- but always in the coop/run with his hens -- is Sir Henry the Loud, who can't be trusted not to try to breed with EVERYBODY, including the Bantam hens. Macho Pauly seems to think he might be a match for Sir Henry, and there are a lot of crowing matches -- Sir Henry sings out loud and clear; Pauly, well, he sings as well as his little Bantam lungs will allow.


May 25, 2021
You’re absolutely correct! When we did visit her to get the medicine, I hadn’t seen my flock in a day and I was in fresh clothes. I even made sure to wear different shoes as I know one sneeze can be devastating. She also reassured me that MG or any other *minor* respiratory illness like that isnt a death sentence so here’s to hoping that my flock do live healthy and symptom free lives! Thank you! 😊😊


May 25, 2021
That’s adorable! Plum hasn’t started crowing yet even though it’s not uncommon at that age and I’ve actually seen Rex go up to him and do his little mating dance… we’ll see how it goes!

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