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    So the 6 chicks are 10 days old. They were residing in a 10 gallon with shelf liner on the floor. They were drinking from a small container and eating off the floor. I've just moved them to a larger terrarium because they're getting big and I don't want them fighting. The terrarium is wood shavings floor. I've put a bowl of food the same as their water bowl in there but (10 minutes in) they're only eating shavings. Will they learn or should I panic?
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    tap on the edge of the dish with the food they should come to see what the noise is and peck and will then find the food. this will work but if they are too flighty just place some on the floor and around the dish. They should be fine.
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    Thank you so much for the reassurance :) They're my first batch so I'm trying really hard to do everything right for them. Happy quailing! [​IMG]
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    I use the paper from my office shredder rather than wood in the brooder.

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