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Apr 19, 2013
El Mirage, Ca
My chicks are on paper towels right now but they get messy really fast so I was thinking about using wood stove pellets as bedding. I have tons of the wood stove pellets because I use them as bedding for my rodents and for my rabbit's litterbox.
I use pine shavings, but I'd imagine the pellets to be similar looking to ground corn cob, which I know some people use as bedding in their coops. I don't think there should be any problems with using them as long as the chicks can't eat them.
From what I've read your not supposed to use wood stove pellets because they can have chemicals in them that can harm the chicks if they eat them, hope that helps :)
I buy the kind that don't have any added accelerants so they are just compressed wood. Since I use them for my rodents and rabbit I had to get ones that are fine if eaten.

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