Beer Grains

We do the same! We used to just give them a small bowl full of the spent grains, but they go so crazy over it, we've started dumping the entire batch of spent grains into their run.
I store my spent grains in my freezer. Since I have not had chickens for a while (but some due to hatch in 9 days) my freezer now has no room for human food -
The grains are in one gallon zip-lock freezer bags.
I've managed to get a promise of brewers spent grains from a microbrewery opening up in town. Has anyone tried adding lime to spent grains- not sure how much is needed but I hear that it can keep the wet stuff ok for over 30 days or more. I might experiment when I have some...
I would sooner try drying the spent grains. I've successfully dried 5 pounds or so of wet grain in the oven but it took quite a while. I intend to try something similar to Alton browns (from good eats on food network) dehydrating contraption using a box fan and some cellulose furnace filters.

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