Beet pulp where to buy it?

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  1. Okay I have heard alot lately about beet pulp. I have a rescue horse that is under weight and now I just read that it is good to feed to dairy goats as well. So I am convince I need to get some. The thing is I have never seen it before anywhere and I have no idea where to get it at. So where do you get yours?
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    I get my beet pulp (which I feed to an elderly mare) at the local feed store. When I was in central Maryland, I bought it at Southern States. It comes in several different configurations: pelleted or not, sweetened with molasses or not. I feed the pelleted form, I don't bother soaking it first (that's a silly wives tale), and it keeps the weight on my old girl.
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    TSC here sells shredded beet pulp with molasses. I buy it for my goats for a little something extra. They don't always have it but when they I do I buy a 50lb bag or two.
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    I am in PA also. Most any feed store sells beet pulp. Most of them don't display it. Just ask. It comes in pelleted or shredded (plain or molasses). I prefer plain shredded for my purposes (horses). Soaks quickly.
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    Yep, I would think any feed store would have it. I feed it to my mare that needs some help keeping her weight up if she's not on grass (our pasture has been horrible lately). I always soak it--I know that the jury is still out as to wether or not it's really dangerous or not, but it doesn't take any more effort to soak it and it's a good way to get extra water into them (I especially like this factor when I'm away at a show, and she's working extra hard) so I'd rather go ahead and feed it wet (provided, of course, that your horse will eat their food wet--I know some won't).

    ETA: I saw that the above poster who doesn't soak theirs is using a pellet. I wouldn't soak a pellet, either, as it's probably extruded and not necessary. I do soak the shredded stuff, reason above...

    You could also ty a senior feed--most of them are largely extruded beet pulp.

    Black oil sunflower seeds are also a good way to throw some extra fat into the diet. I feed those to my horses and my goats, too!

    For those of you that feed beet pulp to your goats--this I've never done, but I have a couple of pregnant does (hopefully) and I'm starting to beef up their diet a bit--will they just eat it dry? Do you mix it in with their gran ration or feed it as a "side dish"? How much?
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    I always soak beet pulp. Shredded kind. I make sure it is good and expanded before I feed it. I don't want it to expand in their bellys. I toss in some sweet feed in the beet pulp so it tastes better. ( well thats how mine like it). When my horse had a weight issue. I also added a tablespoon of vegetable or corn oil. For fat content.

    Senior sweet feed is a good idea because the protein is higher.

    Thats my opinion.
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  7. thanks everyone! I am gonna try to get some today. I will let you know I make out.
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    We have a Perch/Andalusian cross who we rescued from a way bad situation and we feed him a combination of beet pulp and black oil sunflower seeds. He has put on a good amount of weight over the last 4 months. We are using shredded and soaking heaily, almost to a chowder consistency. We had been using pelleted but it gave him colic. I think it was because the pellets weren't getting soaked enough and causing tummy demons.
    It can be a pain when you are trying to get going in the morning and have to let it soak for fifteen minutes to really get wet but in the long run it has worked out for him.
    As to were we get it, we have an Agway that stocks it in 50 pound bags. I have no idea the cost as I go to the store at least once a week and get two bags of beet pulp, four bags of horse feed, a bag of layer mash, a bag of cracked corn, a bag of hay stretcher, a bag of BOSS, four pigs ears and three of whatever else we see we need. I just put the plastic down and sign.
    We have five horses, two dogs, a cat and 10 chickens of varying breeds. All of them rescues. SHE drew the line at the alpaca.....
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  9. If you are trying to put weight on a horse don't overlook Rice Bran Oil sold by McCaulley Brothers and Hubbard Feeds. It is an expelled product so it contains the phospholipids from the cell walls along with other cellular consituents that really help improve a horse's condition and coat.

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    We buy it at the grain elevator. They usually keep a few bags on hand for me. I saw it at Tractor Supply the other day too.

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