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Jun 3, 2013
North Alabama
Should I worm the bigs before chicks arrive? I'll be cleaning the coop thoroughly anyway just before they arrive and now I'm almost a month out, so it'd be a good time to do it if it's a good idea. If I do, then I'll probably smear their legs with vaseline when I do the dose--we had scaly leg last summer. Anything else to do to the bigs before the littles arrive? I'm only stressing because last summer we had worms and mites (hot and humid). When I remove the winter bedding, how far away should I put it--far enough none of the birds can get in it? I usually compost it in the chicken yard at a spot where I can toss veggie scraps, etc, in without actually entering the yard. If not for the chicks, I wouldn't even clean it out yet. The new poop board catches most of the poops and they rarely stay inside, preferring to go out and under the raised coop.
I have the area under the poop board sectioned off, so it will be 4 X 12 for the chicks. I am using scrap wire shelving (wire covered w white plastic) that is 16" wide, one length above another length (32" high) with the clips loose so I can easily remove the shelving. I have another piece of shelving to divide the chick space so it's smaller when they first arrive. They will have a mhp as well as a wool hen, be on puppy pads at first and then pine shavings like the rest of the coop. I'm in north Alabama, so weather will be rainy and plenty warm in April when they arrive. I had been keeping new chicks in the garage for a month, but this time they will be in the coop from day 1. When I set up the coop, I made everything so that I can remove it all for cleaning. I can remove the entire poop shelf, etc. I scoop out the bedding, vacuum up all the corners, then scrub thoroughly. When it's dry, I spread neem oil so that it gets into any joints. The worm/mite problem was why I got the new coop. Treated them at night, moved from old coop(tractor) into new one and dragged the old one out of the chicken pen. I still have it, but it's far on the other side of the property and may one day be used again but no time soon.
Hear you, I hate BUG especially the biting kind :mad: Know exactly why you're being precautious. You could alway use the "old" as a hospital or for more chickens ;) From my reading, it's like last year we all had mite issues and I'm "blaming" the weather.

You got it figured out for the chicks, sounds like a good plan.
No issues currently, I'm just gun shy after last summer. Boy, what a run we had. Got one thing fixed and then got slammed with something else. Kinda wanted to head it off.

I can understand that. It's your decision of course. I would be confident my birds are good before bringing in more babies. If you did that and are comfortable then move forward. What's right for me might not be for you. If you think you have good reason to use a preventive then do so.

I've only kept chickens a year and only had to treat a respiratory infection. I'm considering once a year treatment for worms because there are an aweful lot of wild birds in my yard. So far I haven't had to and I'm thankful. I'm still thinking about it but figure if they don't need it I'm not going to do it.

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