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I have decided that I am going to give it a try on hatching eggs from my chickens. I had an incubator given to me so I want to see if I have any luck. But I have never hatched before so I was wondering if anyone can answer some of my uncertain questions. I would appreciate it!

1. I have read about candling, the method to know if the egg is fertilized or not. One thing I am not sure of, is how soon do you candle it to know if it is or not. I heard that you couldn't tell until about 36 hours after the hen lays the egg but not certain about it.

2. If it is true that you have to wait 36 hours to know if the egg is or isn't fertile, where do you store the egg until you are able to candle and find out? I always put my eggs in the fridge after i gather the eggs and surely refrigerating them would cause them to not develop wouldn't it?

I would greatly appreciate some advice on my questions that would help me. Thanks a bunch!
First, it is hard to tell if an egg s fertile until it starts to develop. And it wont start to develop until you put them in the incubator.

Collect your eggs in an egg carton if you have one, small end down( you want the air bubble at the top). Second, make sure to prop your eggs up at about a 45 degree angle and turn them at least twice a day until you put them in the incubator. You can collect eggs up to 7 to 10 days and they will stay good waiting for you to put them in the incubator. Once you put them in the incubator you will need to candle around day 7 to check for any development. If there is no development in an egg then it is not fertile.

There is a great book on incubating at Cuttler Supply.
Thank you. One other question, once you put the eggs in the incubator and then candle them at day 7, if they are fertilized and no development do you throw the eggs away? Or are they still okay to put in frig to eat? I wouldn't think they would be good still after that. My biggest thing since I am new doing this I don't want to waste a lot of eggs. I hope I make sense at all.
My Dh just corrected me, LOl, we actually candle at day 10..... Its been a long month.

After the eggs have been in the incubator you do Not want to put them in the fridge. Throw them away.
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