Beginner Duck Mom Question.


Apr 5, 2019
West Virginia
I have a couple questions as far as duck egg laying goes.

The other day I found my first 3 duck eggs in a random spot in my duck enclosure. I collected them, and floated them because I wasn’t sure how long they had been there. They were perfectly fine. So I go back to the same spot the next day and no eggs. 2 days later I go to check for eggs and I found one but not in the same spot. So every couple days I’ll get an egg but never in the same spot. I put a golf ball in one spot of theirs to encourage them to lay there but it didn’t help. Then I made a nesting box and put it in the area, that didn’t help either. I’m pretty sure I only have one female laying, because I only find one egg when I search for them. So I want to know are ducks supposed to lay consistently? On an every day basis? Also will I always have to on an Easter Egg Hunt to find my eggs? Is there any other way I can encourage them to lay in one spot. Need advice. By the way they are kept in a 2 acre enclosure so it’s very hard to track down eggs. :barnie


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Mar 11, 2017
South Park, Colorado, USA
Ducks are far more random where they lay their eggs than chickens, but far more consistently lay first thing in the morning. I usually have all my duck eggs for the day by the time I leave the house for work at 8:00am. They seem to like to lay in the corner of their house or coop the best, but often I just find eggs on the ground by the food or water buckets. I agree that if you confine your ducks until about 8:00 most of your eggs will be found in that area. Some breeds are better layers than others. Most of my ducks lay 6 out of 7 days a weeks but then don’t lay much at all over winter.


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Sep 9, 2019
Scottish Borders uk
I find my duck eggs all over the place.. from the coop to the water dishes I only worry when I dont find any for more than a few days then I know ones broody and have to hunt for a nest.. found one with 14 eggs in and I only have 2 mummas lol iv never figured out how to get them just to lay in one place though....

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