Beginners tips for ducklings?

May 27, 2020
not trying to be rude, you do not need ducks though. inside at night is fine but during the day they should be allowed to play outside all day. not just when convenient for you. they need to swim in fresh clean water daily, not just when they “smell bad”. they can’t live in a box, they need to be outside all day and only at night they should be in a pen/coop. they NEED duck feed from day 1, don’t get ducks if you don’t have access to duck feed. they also live 10-20 years and will need you to take care of them that ENTIRE time. they aren’t cheap pets at all, i have spent thousands of dollars on mine and that’s not including treatment for injuries or sicknesses. no offense but you are not ready for ducks at all and shouldn’t get them just because you want them. they are a huge commitment and you need to spend hours a day on their care.

nchls school

6 Years
Apr 22, 2015
Be careful of diet as ducklings are prone to angel wing; which I believe to be caused by a diet to high in protein. If you've never heard of angel wing, take the time to research it.

As for pet quality, I like muscovys. I think they are more intelligent with a lot more pet qualities to them. They are big ducks so if space is limited, don't get muscovy ducks. Call ducks do well in limited space and are underfoot ducks; always underfoot when they can be and slow to get out of a person's way.

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