Beginning to come up with a plan for a "duck pond"!!


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Hi duck people!! Hahah, I haven't been on byc in ages. Just to refresh everyone, I am new to ducks and aquired my first ducks in October (a pair, m and f, of mini silver apps) from Holderreads and so far they are doing great! I don't think I will ever have them let me pet them willingly (ever) because I bought them as adults, but I have to say, I have made great progress and they come within arms length to grab some lettuce, etc. I love the girl the most because she is so curious and explores everything! Haha.

Anyways, currently I have a small rubber tub for them to swim in. I am planning to build a bigger swimming tub for them, sort of a "pond." But, I need help! I have done some research, and here are the sort of tubs I have in mind: and/or . I am planning to have a pipe to drain the water running from the tub and right outside of the duck pen. But, all of these types of tubs I've looked at don't have a hole to attach a pipe to for the water to run out. What have you guys done for this?

Other than my pond project, I'm planning on incubating some eggs and getting a couple really friendly ducks (once my girl starts laying ahah). Can any of you recommend a great little incubator? I'm not looking to make one or find one that can incubate a ton of eggs. I'm really only going to incubate about 10 to 13 max per batch.

Thank you! Those are the only questions I have...for now

Well I got my first two girls last Nov and now have a new male. Was in the same mind frame as you; get a pond and make something nice for the duck. I bought a rather large pond liner, just like the ones you were showing in your post (your first link). I bought the right type of drill bit to drill a hole in the bottom, bought all the right marine glue and the right PVC pipe and all so that I couldfashion a drain for it. Well with three ducks the thing was ABSOLUTELY FILTHY within two days. Like a big mud hole.

I bought not one but a second pond filter, the first one I got my money back, the second one the guy at the store said no. Now I have a second one that gets clogged within 2 days from all the duck poo and dirt they track in. I dug the entire thing out today; no use for it now, laying in the back yard will put on craigslist for free.(Annoyed).

Today I went to teh feed store and bought one of those two feet deep by 3 feet long by 1 1/2 ft wide; heavy dutythick rubberized watering trough for farm animals or whatever, it does have a drain at the bottom you can attach a hose or faucet to. It is on the bottom center of the long side.The ducks are uninterested. It was 75 dollars. I wanted to leave the one long side above ground so I can get to outlet to drain it. SoI took alll this time to build up dirt and sand on the backside , even bought new soft edged pavers so the can walk up the hill into the pond. STILL NOT USED, NOT EVEN ONCE. So tonight I went with a friend to Wallmart. While I was there I noticed the kiddie pools. Going back tomarrow gonna buy a kiddie pool. Probably the easiet thing to deal with given the water will need to be changed completely every two days. All I can say is; if you want the pond liner complete with waterproofed drain and all, come get it (southern California) and I think going back to the simplest idea (kiddie pool) is probably the best and easiest for me. GOOD LUCK. I can send you pics if you like of teh pond liner and the new farm tub with drain.
I have two kiddie pools and a 300 gallon stock tank. I empty and refill the kiddie pools every two days. Twice a week I put the hose into the stock tank all the way to the bottom and turn on the water to flush out some of the guck. There IS a valve and plug on the bottom of the stock tank but I haven't been able to unscrew the thing!!!

I have 8 Cayugas, 1 call drake and a pair of Toulouse geese. All of them use all three "pools." They play in the kiddie pools and wash off in there, but all love to do serious submarining in the stock tank. OH! And I have a 40 gallon rubber horse trough in another area, which they mostly use for drinking and cleaning out their nares. However, every now and then, one of the geese gets into it.
i would go with a 6 foot wide 2ft deep blue stock tank they run right around $230. i am planing on getting an 8ft wide 2ft deep for my 14 ducks and 8 geese and that one is $330
I have two 8' round stock tanks from TSC. I put a shower drain in the bottom. About gave my wife a heart attack when I took a hole saw to a $300 tank. =D
The shower drain assembly has a rubber gasket on the inside of the tank. 2" PVC pipe and a ball valve allows for quick draining and cleaning of the tank. From past experience I have found that you should get the ball valve with the union coupling next to the valve, it is a little more money but if it plugs you can spin the union apart and the clog will rinse right out. I also found that once you drain the pond if you remove the metal screen from the drain most all the mud, poo, and feathers rinse right out. I used a 2 x 4 section of poultry floor for a ramp on the inside in the water for them to get in or out. All the plumbing supplies came from Lowes and the tanks from Tractor Supply. I think that a drain could be put in a plastic garden pond or a rubber stock tank, depending on how big of a pond you want.
Thank you all for your comments! I've got some better ideas now. I wish that some tanks would come with a drain (I bet some do, but I haven't come across any yet). Sean S., thanks for telling me where you got the plumbing supplies, because your draining system seems like it works well. Mainly, all I want is something I can drain and refill easily and something thats big enough for them to have a good time in. Right now, I'm having to (almost everyday) lift up their swimming tub and dump it. So, it'll be nice not having to lift that up everyday once I get this tank set in. I'm going to do some more research and planning, and then go out and start shopping:)

Thanks again for all the great advice!

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