Behavior Change in First Molt?


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Jun 19, 2020
Central Florida
@RebeccaS2010 I apologize. I'll start another thread if necessary. I'm not trying to take over your thread. I did a search for what was concerning me and ended up posting on this one for reassurance.

I didn’t mind at all @HeatherKellyB. I hope you were able to get some answers and that your Sue is doing well. My Barred Rock, one of the Americanas, and an Olive Egger all seemed a bit “off” as they went through their molt. They all hung back from the flock and moped around, even when I let them out to free range. But everyone started to act like themselves after three or four days, though they all seem a bit more docile with me and with the other hens. (But, that could just be all the treats I’ve been feeding them. 😅) The other two adult hens in our flock have started molt too. One of them showed no change in behavior while molting, but has been a lot more confident in the flock since getting some new feathers to show off. The other has been quieter, but didn’t act sick like the others...she just doesn’t seem as loud or bossy as usual.

Anyway, that’s been our molt experience. Almost everyone seems done now, but only our BR has resumed laying. Well, I think most of them are done...our chicken run doesn’t look like they all got plucked any more. 🤣

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