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11 Years
Oct 28, 2008
Ok so just so everyone knows I run a NO KILL Homestead!!! Everyone lives out their days happy and healthy and I will not kill or eat any of my "babies". Ok so with that out of the way I have had chickens now for eight years and have had several roosters over the years.. unfortunately more than I have wanted. My current variety of roosters include an EE, Silver Spangled Hamburg, 2 white Silkie, 1 Black Silkie, black Japanese bantam, silkie/EE cross and a black cochin bantam. All of these have been hand raised and handled over and over especially as babies.. here is the dilemma the black cochin bantam is very aggressive with people and litterally attacks you because he is small he goes for your legs and runs and thumps you (usually from behind) This winter he got me above my boots and left a huge nasty bruise. He does not have sharp spurs they are more rounded and dull but still hurt none the less especially for his small size.. he packs a mean punch. I am figuring this will totally suck in the summer and I am down there in shorts. Can anything be done to modify his behavior. All my chickens live together and amazingly get along including all of these roosters. The SSH does chase him around and seems to be the head honcho of the chicken coop but I cant see just giving up on father suggested leaving him out and hoping a predator would get him.. I can't do that either! It is as if I have taken an oath to my animals for better or for worse... but suggestions would be appreciated.
i made a feather duster out of my mottled cochin roo, he keeps his distance now, i didn't beat him but rolled him around while holding him by the back legs, i didn't want to hurt him because i want him for breeding
I use Rooster-Reds technique and it works like a charm. My alpha roo is not normally aggressive, but he will occasionally challenge me. When he does, I yank him up, tuck him under my arm, and tote him around a while. After a couple of minutes, I carry him around on his back (like you cradle a baby). When he is especially ornery, I will tug on his comb while scolding him and carrying him around. And I never allow him to mate a hen in my presence. If he mounts one, I gently knock him off with my foot and then stand my ground. The alpha roo never lets another roo mate one of his girls if he sees it, so I just do the same to him. For the most part, we all live in harmony.

Don't be surprised if you have to put your rooster back in line every so often. It seems in their nature to challenge the "alpha" and you want to be the alpha in his eyes. So he may occasionally challenge you to see if you've gotten old or weak and are ready to step down a peg or two in the pecking order

Good luck!
Buck is the same way. He usually needs an attitude adjustment every few weeks. The other day while feeding the birds bread he ruffled his feathers and jumped at me. I got my broom and helped him "fly" across the coop with it.

Now he has been leaving me alone when I go in the coop to feed. He protects the girls when they are free ranging and I am not going to kill him for doing what roosters do. I am sure he will try it again and he will get the same results from intro to the broom
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