Behavior of laying hens

Farmer Marcia

9 Years
May 19, 2012
Northern Michigan
Farmer Marcia here. Just wondering what the average age of chickens when they stop laying eggs. Very new at this but have loved every minute. Our chicks are 11 weeks old, six barred rock and six rhode island reds. Everything is going great so far.
They gradually slow down as they get older. Some production breeds stop after two or three years. Others lay maybe an egg or two a week in season when they get older. Some do just stop. So there is no real answer to when the average age they stop is.
New layers have a varied schedule and can lay just about any time. Once they get a rhythm going the flock usually settles down to a period during the day. The production hens that lay nearly every day because of the 25 hour cycle will lay though out the day. The ones who lay less tend to lay during a set time of the day. My Bar Rocks tend to lay from 9AM-2PM.

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