Behavior question


May 11, 2020
We are new Chicken people and have some Hens that have been laying for a couple of months. Yesterday morning our smallest Hen was in a nesting box which was odd early in the morning. Last evening she was in the box and I was concerned until my wife said she had seen her out with the rest of our small flock. This morning she was on the nest again and there was an egg. I picked her up and put her on the ground and she squatted with her wings slightly extended. After a minute or so she was up and acting normal, eating, and drinking. I did see her poop and it was runny. Is something wrong here or is she broody? She was not happy when I picked her up but didn't resist at all. Her gait was normal and she can run just fine. I did remove the egg and in five minutes or so she was back in the box.
She is definitely Broody. I have removed her from the nesting box several times today and walked around with her and made sure she is eating and drinking. Tomorrow I'm going to get a large kennel for her new daytime abode. She laid another egg too. It's just another day on our little farm.

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