Sometimes, but not always.

What kind of behaviour are you noticing?

Also, by the time they are old enough to show behavioural signs, there are almost always visual indications of that bird being a rooster already.
ok im very n ew to raising chickens. I went to a school fete to get the kids out of the house and came home with 4 Astrolorp chicks. They are all different ages. Cloe being the oldest she was the bigger of them. Baby is he 2nd oldest. Just in the last week I've started putting them outside. Baby seems to be the one goes out 1st, then if baby wants them to stay in the coop she will chase them back in there. All 3 are a bit scared of Baby too. Baby seems to be the one that watches out for threats as well.

How old are they. With my bantams the rooster always comes out first. In the big coop, it is the babies, since they want out fast, followed by their mom and the oldest girls. Can you post pictures?
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Quote: This is Teenee This is both Cloe and Baby

Cloe is on the right and Baby on the left

Baby is outside here, wouldn't let them out of there lol

behaviour is that baby comes out 1st and won't let the others out. If they try to go out they basically get in trouble and get chased back inside. The only way they can go out is if I guide them out myself and if they go away from me Baby will chase them back to me.

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