BEING FRUGAL for Xmas gifts trading!!!!!

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    Mar 16, 2009
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    Hi all,

    A year or two ago I did this and had fabulous luck with all my swapees/traders and such!...Here's the deal Xmas is coming and MANY folks have fallen on hard times. I offered up my hatching eggs for things I was looking for -for an even trade!!! We each pay for our own shipping..So the trade shouls include the value of said items plus shipping ( as close to it as possible)
    I know there are ALOT of talented folks out there with items they have made and haven't sold or made yet..This might push them to get things they can't afford to buy or get normally..Like hatching eggs and such. For whomever would like to do this with me plese PM me with your offers of whatever and what you are looking for and I will post it ( cut copy and paste)on the first page so everyone else can see them in one spot! Pictures of what you have/or offering would be best please

    I will do this until Dec 1st-Im sorry after that it will be too hectic:(

    You are all responsible for your own trades-unlike most swap threads where there is a mod -per say-dealing with the "issues". SO be careful who you are dealing with please.

    I will start [​IMG]

    I NEED Double fleece lined matching hats and show me what you have and see if we have a deal...For adults please -blacks-or dark colors

    sterling silver jewlery-HAS TO BE PURE or my whole family gets ear infections and green ears:(-nothing with stones in them-simple designs are good-just show me:)

    If you dont have these things I have a 13 yr old and a 16 yr old-very picky girls-but you may just have what they would love:)

    What I can offer HATCHING EGGS
    split lav/black silkie eggs ( produces pure lavs and splits that are black or pure blacks)
    EE eggs-dads-pure lav ameraucana or split lav/black ameraucana over all LF hens-EE's-GLW-blue cohins-BO's-RIR and many others:)
    LAV Ameraucana and or split/black ameraucana-There is not a choice as there are two roos over my ameraucanas-split and pure

    or Jams
    concord grape jelly
    spiced pear butter
    apple butter
    hot pepper jelly

    EENIE114 is offering for tradeI am willing to offer an almost new copy of "Theodore Roosevelt: Mornings On Horseback" by David McCullough. In exchange I'm looking for another book by the same author, or a similar one. (Not John Adams.)
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    Mar 16, 2009
    onchiota NY
    OH and I can only trade so many eggs hahaha ...keep that in mind as I cant do tons of trades:(
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    May 11, 2009
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    I have a husband who is into archery and straight shaving. An 11 year old boy scout, a 9 year old very prissy girl, A 3 year old who is a froggie and spiderman fanatic, and a 2 year old girl who loves baby dolls. I would love to see maybe crochet hats, head bands, aprons, purses, totes. I won't have an idea till I see what i am looking for probably.

    I have my bird pins and ornaments, my husband can make traditional archery tooled leather bracers. There will probably be more listed once I figure get a chance to think about it more.

    here are a couple of my birds and such



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    Lovely crafts.

    I usually give food and/or scented candles for gifts. There's a company that makes soy candles in our county that just smell wonderful so I usually give those as gifts. My out of state relatives love Michigan maple syrup and Mackinac Island fudge for gifts. My in-state relatives enjoy Michigan wines. I also buy candy and dehydrated soup mixes from my late husband's friend's wife who runs a small sweet shop a few towns over. I've also bought goat milk soaps off members here too.

    This way ... people get gifts they can use and enjoy, I don't spend a lot on presents and I'm supporting the local economy and small business owners.


  5. cuntryuppiechick

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    Apr 29, 2011
    I sew, nearly anything. Aprons, oven mitts, clothes pin bags, toaster cover, clothes etc. I can put together a scrap material assortment for playing dolls or a child's easy sewing kit. Can do an assortment of papers and embellishments for creating ephemera art scrap books. Paper cut silhouettes. Homemade vinegar. See my swap pages below or let me know what you might be interested in. Swap pages are updated continuously.
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    sonew.. double fleece lined hats with ear flaps ?
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