Being pecked while gathering eggs


7 Years
Nov 9, 2012
I have five Rhode Island Red Hens. Only 3 of them are laying so far. I have a nesting box for them and the two that lay regularly always lay their eggs in there. However, a new hen starting laying (probably only 4 times), but chooses to lay them under the coop. I sent my son in there to get the egg today and the hen totally attacked him. I had to slightly boot it off with my foot and tell him to run for it. I just went to feed and water them. The hen got all puffy at me and started pecking my leg. Is this normal for the hen or does it feel threatened now? How do I fix it, so I am not afraid to feed and water them every day? Thank you in advance.
A laying Hen, and even more a broody Hen, may peck and attack a Person, when they reach underneath for the Eggs. I would advise, the use of Gloves, or removes when the Hens are not on the Nests.
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You sure its not a rooster? A hen may peck when you reach under her to grab an egg, but will rarely come off the nest.

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