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May 4, 2017
Ullesthorpe, Leicestershire
Hi guys .
I used to keep chickens at my dads and did really well we started off with a "couple " of hens in a little coop but as you all know its never like that ended up with 10+ chickens and a few ducks.
Now I've my own place with my family and I've gone straight out (with a lot of sweet talking ) and got 2 pullets a suxxex and a Rhode Island Red .
Now it's only a little set up with a old coop left by previous owners. I scrubbed it up . And fenced off a bit of space for them as in pic. But it's only nutty ( Rhode Island Red) that comes to me and crouchs down comes to me when I approach.
NOW BELINA my Sussex shys away like she's really paranoid. She won't approach me . Even though I'm handling them several times a day she just keeps backing off !
Am I doing something wrong? Whilst watching them out of the window it's like Belina is always seems to be planning her escape lol. While nutty just does what chickens do.
My Rhode Island Red has just started laying as Belina hasn't could that be the issue ?

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