Benny,Evvy,Sam and Hiccups my urban chickens!


10 Years
Jun 6, 2009
Hi , Im the pet of 4 urban hens in Calgary, ALberta , Canada

I just got Sam and Hiccups last night actually so they dont have much of a story yet except they have been rescued from a place where they obviously werent allowed out of their factory farm like teeny cage

Benny and Evelyn(Evvy or Ev
) came from a small hobby farm outside of town where a senior italian woman was raisin em.
I have always wanted chickens for clean food and companionship as I watched my grandparents raise them my whole life! I started reading recently that Urban chickens are usually accepted by neighbours and that was it, I did it! Ive had Benny and Ev for over a month now and Im so in love with every aspect of backyard chickens! I wake up every morning so excited to go let my birds out and collect my eggs for brunch,,,,
I am 32 and have 3 kids 9 3 and 9 months...Its so exciting for them to see where their food comes from and to help with daily chores!
Uhm... I hear them outside fighting even after they slept together fine in their hut... SO i must run for a seconnd
back later to read and poist more!
Yipee for backyard chickens and yipee for this forum i found!
Thanks:) I think I do enjoy it as much as you....
I found an old coca cola tin and thats what their house is for now...
but after today I see that I am going to have to build something better for the 4 of them


I only got one reply to my thread

Thats it I'll have to post some pics!
This is right when we got them... It was end of April so nothings growing yet and our yard looks a LOT dif now but still not grrreat .. Its a work in progress...
Funny though , I got the hens before I got the abandoned old coca cola house and then as they were escaping and like jumping/pooing all over my yard and my man was thinking im a total loon cuz we live across rom a vet AND technicallly in downtown area...hahahha
I look over the fence at the abandoned coca cola house and It was a match made in heaven.....
Hey, those are cute chickens! Good for you for keeping them in the city.

I know it's too late for this time, but generally if you bring birds in, especially from nasty conditions, it's best to keep them quarantined for 30 days so they don't infect your current flock.

But the deed is done now, so don't worry too much and just keep an eye on them. Plenty of advice about sick chickens on here too if you ever need it.

Have fun with your chickens and

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