Besides ducks- what else ya got?

I am addicted to hatching eggs!! I have ducks, chickens, guineas, and just got 2 turkeys. I really don't have a preferance to breed just like them all
I really do like the looks of roosters though and thats why my girls have bare backs I have to many roos! I did cut back on the roos now but I always find myself letting them grow big enough to see what they look like then finding new homes for some of them.
Besides my 6 ducks I have about 70 chickens several types. And I am allowing them to mix and incubating ( one of my favorite things) I have two rabbits (expecting babies ) ,three dogs , two young Turkeys, Two goats ( expecting babies in July ) I recently ordered and am waiting to receive 18 Guinea fowl keets .. Seven Children 8 Grand children and one Very Tolerant patient indulgent tired old Husband : )
Geese- Sebastopol, American, Buff Dewlap Toulouse

ducks- Silver Appleyard, White French Muscovy, Khaki Campbell, Mandarin, Wood duck

chickens- Black Copper Marans (french), Easter Eggers

setting guineas- lavender & chocolate

Want: black swan

Have just because: mandarins and wood ducks

For eggs: Khaki and Easter Eggers

We breed everything, or have new stock to start breeding some breeds in 2013 but the guineas , mandarins and wood ducks.

Drive us nuts: the black copper rooster who crows ALL the time

We also have rabbits, goats, great Pyrenees dogs
We have two flocks. One is full of full size hens used for laying (Buff Orpingtons, Speckled Sussexes, Delawares, Easter Eggers) and the other is a bantam flock used for being pets and hatching chicks to eat later (Belgian d'Uccles [porcelain & mille fleur], cochins [red, golden-laced, partridge], old english game [all kinds of colors], dutch, easter eggers, silkies) some roosters/cockerels, both bantam and standard (cochin [black, grey, white, blue, barred], silkie [buff, white, black, splash], five guineas (coral blue, pearl, white) and lots of babies (all mixes of some sort). I know you said 'besides ducks', but I thought I would mention that we have nine.
The only one driving me Crazy right now is My Billy Goat .. He thinks hes a Dog and jumps all over me and my company hogs all the Food .. We are in the process of making him a home and fencing off about a half acre area for him and there he will live very well .. ! Of course I will visit him and hes bound to get a buddy or two down the road and conjugal visits. But he terrorizes my Grand children and knocked over my ten year old son and scared him, so hes going to have his own happy spot soon !
2 apricot call drakes
1 black bibbed female call
1 white call female
3 call ducklings (breeds unknown)

Also thinking about getting some Marans (if thats how its spelt :L)
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Geese- Brown and White Chinese

A guinea that I am finally rehoming

Now a pair of "Palm" Turkeys that I'm pretty sure are BBW's

In search of Show quality Silkies

And Black Swans once Celtic starts breeding them
My signature states it all, really. Except the 4 new ducklings who are cayuga/pekin.

30 chickens mostly Australorps and dominiques

12 turkeys. (2 black Spanish, 4 royal palm, and 6 bourbonted)

3 adult ducks (pekin, cayuga, rouen) 4 ducklings.

2 American Pit Bull terriers

1 useless cat

1son (will be 5 in three weeks)

1 daughter (3 1/2)

Tons of guppies. (roaches of the water,, but my son loves them)

And finally my hot husband.

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