Best #2 incubator to use for staggered hatch?


13 Years
May 30, 2007
I'm incubating my eggs in a 1588 Genesis, but would like to take my first batch out at day 18 and put them into another incubator for the last few days so I can begin staggering my hatches. Any suggestions?
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I have the same question. I was thinking of making a homemade incubator to move the eggs that aren't ready to hatch into while the others hatch, and then moving them back to finish their time.
I would move the ones that are going to hatch out into a second incubator that you have been running for that purpose in advance but do it the day that you stop turning so that they are in position to hatch. Or you can just hatch them in the same incubator with the turner on and with the all other eggs. I tried both ways last year and I had a great hatch percentage doing it that way. Just watch them as they hatch so they dont get stuck in the turner and try to make trips in the bator quick so the temps not disturbed too much. The newborns didnt really disturb the other eggs and wasn't too dirty either. i did this with my pheasants and it worked better too. BTW, i had Gfc pic window incubator. I also have a pre set genesis on order now
can't wait for hatching eggs

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