Best bait for skunks and opossums?

Backyard Hencam

12 Years
Apr 27, 2009
California Central Coast
I need to get serious about trapping some skunks and opossums that hang out around my coop at night. We've had good luck using chicken parts for raccoon traps but have not been able to trap skunks and opossums.

O.k. you experts, what do I use?
I have the same problem with the skunks and opussoms. I use the haverhart cage, put some wet cat food in it, and put a sheet over the back side of it. When you go out the next morning, all you have to do is slowly put the sheet down over the front of the cage, and take off the little critter. I have yet to spook one and get sprayed, but you never know, lol. I caught 26 of them one year and 12 opussoms. Good Luck.
Tuna works well for skunks. If you get one in a havahart trap I would shoot as soon as you see it. If he get's the chance to raise his tail- you're doomed! Best of luck, and have plenty of tomato juice on hand just in case!
Tuna has worked well for me too. Just poke holes in the top of the can and slide to the back of your live trap. The dirty job is to shoot them in the cage hopefully away from things you don't want to smell for days.
I just use eggs for skunks. We don't have possums. Tuna or canned cat food will work fine for skunks, but I can't keep my @//##* barn cats out of the trap with either one. And they won't learn. The eggs don't need to be rotten or partly incubated, fresh will do. Just whatever I have around.


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