Best Bird Netting?

Aunt Angus

5 Years
Jul 16, 2018
Nevada County, CA

I'm looking to cover a large area with bird netting. I need it to keep out aerial predators (large hawks, primarily). We live in a wooded area with lots of predators. This netting will cover an area surrounded by electric netting. Snow is not an issue, either, FWIW.

Any advice on good products I can try?



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I'd like to see how you progress, this is very interesting.
I will. There's is a temporary set up until we can get something more permanent installed. We moved here in July, and my chickens went from a suburban backyard they roamed freely to an unfenced area in the woods. I decided to pen them in to keep them safe from foxes and coyotes and hawks and owls and bobcats...

Their run is a covered dog kennel that only gives the flock of 9 about 220 sq ft total. We set up an electric fence around the coop and kennel that gives them another 625 sq ft..

But the aerial predators mean that they can only go out when I can watch them super closely - like a livestock guardian human, which means only a few hours every day. With the right netting, they can be out all day.

I'll post pics. It's pretty hodgepodge for now. But big plans are in the works!

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