best brand of chicken feed?

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    Apr 3, 2011
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    I have read this thread before when it popped up and I'll have to agree that no 2 people will agree on a brand of anything. People should buy what they can afford and if they can feed the best brand. Chickens should not have to eat better than people do. Soy is promoted as being more healthy for people nowadays. Meat protein was taken out of many chicken feeds due to the mad cow scare in the 90's, and I just read in this month's The Poultry Magazine that one way salmonella is transmitted to chickens through use of animal protein. I feed Purina Start and Grow, but I started collecting labels off of every brand I could find like Dumor (TSC), Nutrena, and my Purina and they look mostly the same with a few slight differences.
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    Okay, so getting close to needing feed I went to a local Mom & Pop store owned by a retired farmer out of his barn. He sells Graham feed (feed mill in Terre Haute). The starter having 18% protein was medicated so I got the 17% grower. My chickens are used to the 20% Dumor. Anyway, the meat protein in the Graham grower is "porcine meal", prolly from eyelids, snouts and lips? LOL Now here an interesting observation...the Dumor has a pleasant aroma, but I could not detect any smell/odor/aroma from the Graham and I've got a good smeller. (you should see my nose!) Oh and I paid $13.50, he only accepts cash or checks so I know I'm not paying for a credit/debit charge. Now, to see how my feathered jewels will eat this. [​IMG]
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    I've just started trying Manna. I told the feed store guy that I loved seminole chicken feed, and he claims that Manna has taken that over. So far, the bag of chick starter grower Manna is nice, first time I haven't seen all that dust from broken down feed.

    If I could get my hands on Blue Seal down here in FL, I would be using it. My horse , when I lived in NY, lived for 37 years on BlueSeal products, healthy and shiny.
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    Around here we have the choice between Poulin and Green Mountain Organics, both are local companies for me. I'm currently feeding Poulin and have no complaints at all. I'd love to switch to the Green Mountain Organics, but the cost is holding me back at the moment.
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    May 25, 2011
    I mix
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    Mar 26, 2011
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    We have been using Pen Pals starter from ADM. I've been very satisfied with it, and I can get it in the next town over, saving me a nearly 2 hour trip to Big R or Rural King.
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    Quote:That's what I've been using! And I'm new, glad to hear you have been using it for 30 years!
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    I'm currently using the Organic Layer Feed that Randall Burkey sells. My flock love it! It contains fish meal and no soy plus they fortify it with the necessary vitamins the birds need. The price isn't bad for organic: $25.99 for 25# and $36.99 for 50#. It's the shipping cost the makes me say "ouch."
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    I've always used Purina. I'm surprised by all of the negative comments about it. Does anyone think that their new Layena product with Omega 3's might be better?
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    I have been feeding Dumor at TSC for several years, but the new Layena with the Omege 3 sounds interesting. My chickens get all the grass they want, but this Omega 3 should be helpful for flocks that cannot be free ranged.

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