best brand of chicken feed?

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by sydney13, Aug 25, 2010.

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    Jun 8, 2011
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    Quote:Mine have access to grass in their new coop and once they destroy that, I will be planting a salad bar for them so that they always have fresh greens to eat. My feed store won't have the Omega 3 feed until next week but I will take a look at it.
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    Quote:I'm with you 100% My vet's technician (who owns chickens but doesn't treat them) told me to go to the local feed mill when I had a sick pullet. The owner set me up with high quality feed for the girls, extra medicated feed for my sick one. His food is fresh, custom, and muck less expensive. My girls feathers look shinier too.
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    OK. Here are some very good reasons that pastured poultry/free range flock owners don't want animal by-products in their poultry feeds - Mad Cow and scrapie.

    Many pastured poultry/free range flock owners also range ruminants at the same time they range poultry and inevitably the ruminants eat some of the poultry feed. If any is spilled on the ground, they have a good chance of ingesting it even if the poultry have been removed from the plot. It is not only a very bad practice to feed animal byproducts to ruminants; but feeding ruminant by-products to ruminants is now illegal and has been for several years. Feeding poultry to poultry may turn out to be an equally bad idea.

    BTW - Am I the only one on the planet who gets jolted out by the Purina One dog and cat food advertisement that talks about all of the wholesome natural ingredients and then shows a gorgeous, beautiful, white chicken standing in the grass?
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    The Omega 3 is available near our California place. It's a few dollars more for a forty pound bag than it is for a fifty pound bag of Layena. For the price difference I am more than happy to keep tossing Swiss Chard, Zucchini, and other garden delectables to the girls.
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    Quote:that dog food only looks natural with the picture. purina pro plan selects is a natural food.
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    I used to get Dumor layers pellets from TSC in our area, it's 15 dollars for a 50 pound bag. Until I found Halls feed and seed down the street and now i'm trying Prime Quality LAYMAKER EGG PELLETS witch is only 11 dollars for a 50 pound bag. Does anyone use Prime Quality feed or know anything about them?
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    Decided to try the Layena Plus Omega 3 stuff. When it first came to the feed store it was super expensive and I ignored it. Today it was the same price as the regular Layena....however, I think the bag is smaller, so I may have duped myself. But we'll see. It looks a lot different. The pellets are smaller and darker. I hope they eat it!
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    I like Chick Starter for the Game Chickens
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    Quote:me too.... 45 guinea keets and counting.... lol.

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