Best Breed of Bantam Hens in a Coop


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Hello All,

I'm currently looking to add a few (1-3), sweet docile bantam pullets to a contained flock. The requirements are simple they must be generally good-natured, as a breed, clean-legged, and VERY colorful!

This little flock is my personal project, like an aquarium of birds, their sole purpose in life is to be a pleasant little group that guests, and I, can pet and love on.

Egg production is the furthest thing from my mind as we currently have a flock of 70+ LF laying hens that free-range (read: kill all of my plants) and I have so many eggs that we give them away by the dozens to neighbors and friends.

So let me have it... Show me the best and brightest the bantam breeds have to offer!!!!

For BACKGROUND the flock has lived together for three months without argument, and currently consists of two mystery grey hens, one sweet polish bantam hen, one OEG bantam hen, one duckwing (?) bantam rooster, one absolute wuss of a serama rooster, and two LF hens who just weren't tough enough to make it in the country ( a Favorelle and a Cochin).

I want the pullets to boost my hen:rooster ratio to avoid any over-breeding later on. It hasn't been an issue thus far, but I worry next spring could be a different story.
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How about Booted's?

I haven't seen this breed before, but they're very cute. Does anyone have any experience?


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