Best breeds for pet ducks? Pet duck stories??


Jan 9, 2016
I have be doing TONS of research over the past few weeks and I am thinking that I would love to have some pet ducks in our back yard. I have heard that pekins are the most friendly breed however I am a bit concerned with them being loud. We live on 1 acre and our neighbors are not close at all. In fact I think the closest neighbor is across the road from us. Where I dont think that the neighbors would complain, I still want to make sure that my ducks would not disturb anyone.

Please tell me about your ducks, and what breed you like best! I would love to hear your stories and see pictures!

I am considering allowing them in the house with duck diapers on occasion, but they will mostly be back yard ducks. Yes I understand they are very messy! I used to own goats and horses when I was younger so cleaning pens is not a big deal for me. I am ready for the mess, I just want to know what breeds people have as pets that are really friendly like dogs.

Also, I would like to hear about those of you that have eggs! I am thinking I want two females for now.. maybe adding more later. But as of now 2 or 3 is my limit!
Most domestic ducks are loud, unless you want Muscovies. They are large, and fly, so there are those management considerations. Predators come out of the woodwork, so a secure environment matters so much.

I have Indian Runners, Buff Orpingtons, and what I think is a Black East Indies. I love them. They can be loud when they want me to come out to play or if their food bowl is getting low.

Their eggs are delicious.
Well the noise shouldn't really be a probl m with those distances. The next issue is size. I would suggest against runners or kahkis as both tend to be spook prone. Otherwise all mallard derivatives are good as pets. Bantams don't tend to lay very well and are capable of flight. Small and medium ducks have benefits. I myself like rouens. Both of my drakes decided they like to be held and petted without any real effort on my part.
I always feel compelled to say my Runners are not skittish in the least.

It's possible, but they usually are higher strung then most other breeds. Also it can be a dice roll for how well they lay. They have the genes but not always the anatomy.
I have runners and a welsh harlequin. I live on 6 acres - as does everybody else in the neighborhood.

My neighbors to the west can hear my ducks and the chicken when she's making a racket. It isn't constant and when they get loud, it doesn't often last long. My neighbors don't mind, they actually enjoy hearing the girls.
My neighbors to the east can easily hear the girls when they get loud. Our house is toward the front of our 6 acres, their house is toward the end (1200 ft length lots).

But there are also roosters (neighbors to the east have one and neighbors 3 houses to the west have one and then some a few houses further down). So nobody around here much cares about the noise of a few ducks as they aren't making a racket as early as the roosters!
I think we all have issues with the vet and the noise all here loose dogs make all hours of the day and night.

My girls were noisy the first year and then quieted down a lot.
The first couple of years, my runners were egg laying machines.

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