Best Breeds for Show?


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Jul 29, 2016
Northern Illinois
I show chickens at my local 4-H fair. I didn't do that great this year because my birds were too small and I had a poor selection of chickens to choose from
. Anyway, all chickens shown have to be hatched the year of the fair, meaning I must order chicks during January or February to have any luck. I need some recommendations of breeds that mature very quickly and are on the larger scale. The classes are Heavy Breeds (brown egg layers), Meat Birds (roosters), Light Breeds (white egg layers), and Domestic Specialty (a pair of any breed). I can show two pairs in each class. The judge judges the birds based on their size and maturity. I've had fairly decent luck with Speckled Sussexes and Sicilian Buttercups. Also, what hatcheries do you recommend? I've ordered from Ideal and McMurray's in the past. Feel free to share any input or advice! Thanks!

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