Best Buddies or what?

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Feb 28, 2021
New Jersey
I am new to chickens and their behaviors. It seems silly but I was wondering if one hen can be overly obsessive of another? I have an Olive Egger and a Welsummer who are best of friends. Problem is the Olive Egger can never be without her best buddy. My OE “ Olive” is infatuated with Fiona. Fiona always roosts nearest the side wall and if any other hen is near or tries to get near Fiona, Olive gets her feathers in a bunch. Olive is a pretty big girl. She will try to climb over the little EE’s and our other Welsummer to get to Fiona. This makes the girls very upset and they try to peck at Olive and Fiona. Olive will usually lay her head and neck across Fiona to protect her. They all settle down in their respective spots eventually and go to sleep. Other than sleeping arrangements, they all seem to get along. Olive and Fiona have been bonded since day one of getting them. They eat, sleep, and follow each other. Usually, Olive is the one up Fiona’s fluffy butt. There are 6 in total, approximately 3-4 months old, living in their outside coop for approximately 1 month. Is it normal to have a hen that seems to be incredibly obsessed with another? Is there anything I can do to allow Fiona to have other friends outside of Olive getting upset? Is it normal roosting order behavior? TIA


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As long as no one is getting hurt, it shouldn't be an issue. If it's really upsetting you, you could try breaking their pecking order. Pull Olive and another (similar sized) hen and house them separately for a week before adding them back in, together, to the flock. If there's room in your coop, try adding another roost at the same level. That way they can all get the "prime" high spot without disturbing anyone else.

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