Best Egg Laying Breeds?

the best three I heard are best are khakis campbells, welsh harlequins, and runners. I have a khaki drake right now amd I have some welsh coming on monday a some khaki eggs coming hopefully tomarrow or monday. I need some khaki girls. And my mom is getting some runners next spring. Plus I have some rouen and calls. The rouens are for meat and the calls I got becuz they fly and are cool. Next spring I will have all these breeds hopefully forsale, except the runners. And I will maybe have eggs for sale as well.
We have several adult runners & they're the best layers we have. Plus, ours lay large greenish eggs. We have some khaki campbells, too, but they're still young. Can't wait until they start, though, so I can see how well they do compared to the runners.
I have heard metzers golden 300, or white layers. They were bred for the purpose of egg production
i know some folks with these guys....I think they are a khaki/peking cross and they get an egg a day from each of 50 hens
Welsh Harlequins are supposed to lay well, as well as Indian runners. Golden three hundreds are supposed to be the best. I've heard with Indian runners that it's hard to keep track of the eggs if they are free range because they simply drop them and keep walking. I don't own them so I wouldn't know. My WH female was laying almost daily before she molted. I'd say those three are your top picks for eggs. Really though if you get 6 or 7 females of any of these three breeds they should keep you rolling in eggs XD

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