Best incubator for classroom use


5 Years
Apr 23, 2014
My kinder team and I are incubating duck and chick eggs for the second year in a row and the incubators that come from the district office are really hard to regulate. Can someone recommend an incubator that is easy to use for our classroom use?
I believe a lady on here advised this was the cheapest place to buy from.

Under the backyard chickens banner at the top left you can type in 1588 incubator in the search box just under it to read a bunch of reviews on them. They come pre set. Just check to make sure the temperature is as it should be from the factory and keep the reservoir filled with water. Add water to the second reservoir as well 3 days before hatch and no more turning the eggs. Assuming you will have the kids turn them for interaction.
They hold temperature consistently with the electronic thermostat so you get good hatches from them.
Good luck.

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