best kind of wire for a small secure run?

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Aug 18, 2010
So we have a coop, that is predator proof for city predators. I let them free range while I am in the yard and then they go back int the coop, we haven't built them an enclosed yard yet. DH I have discussed at length what is best to use since we know chicken wire is no good for keep things out.

DH brought home some 2x4's for the posts and 1/2 inch 19 gauge hardware cloth for the wire meshing. Is this good for keeping city predators out?
so far as I have heard our biggest nemesis will be squirrel, but I am sure raccoons live around here somewhere.
the run will be attached to the coop and it will be full enclosed with the hardware cloth.
As for the coop, it is a wood roof and we have just laid tarred felt and shingle on it. I have not heard of raccoon problem in the area but that does not mean they do not exists.
I think you have a good plan, almost every city has some raccoons. Everything loves chicken, as they say. You should do well, I hope you'll post pics when it's done!
I have a thread going with my work in progress but right now the coop looks worse than when we started just because we are dismantling it and replacing it bit by bit.
How deep should I run the wire mesh and posts into the ground?
I wouldn't dig down. Just lay the mesh on the ground about 2' out from the coop and secure it. LOTS easier and just as secure. In time you can mow over it, after the grass grows through and secures it.
wow that's pretty deep. I might be able to do 5" by hand but we plan on placing a gate on the outside of the run and of course the gate part will not be sunk into the ground just flush.

DDawn - missed your post, that sounds easier than sinking it. seems like that option makes more sense if I am going to have a gate.
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