Best material for floor


9 Years
Jun 26, 2010
Roanoke Alabama
Whats the best material to use in my runs. When it rains it becomes a total mess. I was thinking about pine shavings but worried about them molding from being wet. I would like something cost efficent abd something that will last a while. Don't want to have to replace every week
How about putting a roof over the run to keep the rain off ?

I do have roofs over all my runs. Bit the water still runs off. It doesnt bother me, I just hate getting muddy eggs out of boxes.
Same situation here...Waiting until this weather warms up and going to put2x4s or so around the edge of the little run atleast then get a truck of sand dumped here.

Thats how I'm dealing with it :? Plus almost slipped on my bottom from the mud...wouldn't of been pretty.


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